The Trump Administration's Deal of the Century: Fab or Fail?

By Max Coutinho

It has been reported that the Trump Administration’s “Deal of the Century” (i.e. the new Peace Plan for the Arab-Israeli Conflict) will be made public on the 15th of May [UPDATE: on the 18th of April it was reported that the Deal would be unveiled in June instead - after the Ramadan and after the New Israeli Government is put together]. An alleged preview has been shared by the Middle Eastern Press, and we’ll make a small exercise to see what the chances are for this Deal based on that sneak peek. So, ladies and gentlemen, please place your bets…

The Main Points of the Deal

  • Partners: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates
  • Land swaps between Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt
  • Economic aid to Palestinians by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates
  • Pipeline from Saudi Arabia to the Gaza Strip
  • To build refineries in Gaza to add jobs for the residents and the construction of desalination plants
  • Large-scale resettlement of Palestinian Arabs in Jordan
  • The ceding of Jordanian territory to Israel (i.e. two areas currently leased by the Jewish state, Naharayim and Tzofar)
  • Jordan’s cooperation would be compensated with roughly $45 billion dollars 
  • Egypt could open up large swathes of the Sinai Peninsula near the Gaza Strip for the establishment of industrial zones for Gaza’s burgeoning population (though it would not annex it) – in exchange for $65 Billion
  • Lebanon will be urged to grant citizenship to all Palestinian Arabs currently living in the country
  • The formation of a tripartite confederation between Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Israel’s Civil Administration to administer Judea and Samaria.

How Feasible is this Deal?

A priori it is a very interesting draft however it already presents two problems:

  1. It goes against the Torah, meaning it goes against His Plan. 
  2. The Arabs in Palestine will not accept it because their plan is to have the whole of Israel. 

Going Against the Plan

Any Peace Plan that doesn’t fit exactly in G-d’s Plan is bound to fail, period. Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt should know this very well. The argument that one can’t mix religion with politics may be valid in the West but it's worthless when it comes to Israel and the Middle East since it leads nowhere.

Both the Torah and the Quran testify that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. The Torah goes further and describes the exact boundaries of Eretz Yisrael (Numbers 34:3-15); and anything that falls outside that Plan will be crushed from the get go.

It's a mistake to think it has been a coincidence that none of the peace accords signed and presented have, thus far, failed: they all went against the Will of the Creator.

The Goal of the Arabs in Palestine

Paradoxically, the so-called Palestinians want all the Jews out of the Land Allah told the submitters He had given to the Children of Israel (in the Quran, in Suwar 5:21, 17:104 and 26:59 for instance). Ever since the Palestinian identity was created in 1964, by Nasser the Egyptian, the Arabs in Palestine have done nothing other but to shed blood in the Holy Land, with the blessing of all Arab States (and the Europeans) – to no avail.

The G-d of Israel promised the Land of Israel to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob over 4,000 years ago. Almost 2,500 years ago G-d warned, through Prophet Ezekiel, that He would destroy any Nation that attempted to steal one inch of the Promised Land. One doesn’t have to be too smart to realise that if one Prophecy came true then the rest will occur as well.

Analysis: The Core of the Deal of the Century

Let’s take a quick look at the core proposals reportedly included in the Deal:

The Arab Partners

The presented list is acceptable as Egypt and Jordan created the initial problem; Saudi Arabia is the Head of Islam and the United Arab Emirates have the potential to be viewed as one of the voices of Reason in the Islamic World.

Land Swaps 

Jordan represents roughly 80% of the territory foreseen in the British Mandate as the future Homeland of the Jewish People (i.e. Palestine). The British later on illegally turned the tables and granted this 80% of land to the Hashemite Tribe, after failing to grant Syria to Prince Faisal for his assistance in the war against the Ottomans. Interestingly enough, King Hussein of Jordan always said that Jordan was Palestine, thus, technically, Jordan is the one to absorb the Arabs in Samaria and Judea, at least. Since it is a big territory, it begs the question: why the need for Saudi Arabia to swap land with Jordan? Israel has the technology to transform deserts into blooming pastures.

Most of Gazans are of Egyptian descent, so technically, those inhabitants have the right to settle in the Sinai. So, if Egypt and Saudi Arabia want to swap land for any given reason it’s up to them, but that swap is not really required to end the problem between the Arabs in Palestine and Israel, when there’s the Sinai option – Egypt should think it through as it is the ground zero of the Palestinian identity crisis.

If there is any land swap to be made is between Israel and Jordan: in the future, Jordan will have to cede to Israel bits of its territory that belonged to the Tribes of Dan, Reuben and Half of Menashe.

Economic Aid to Palestinians by Saudi Arabia and the UAE

If the so-called Palestinians are to settle in Jordan, to be absorbed by Lebanon and to settle in Egypt, what kind of economic aid are we talking about exactly? Are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates willing to offer a monetary incentive to the Palestinian Leadership to allow the people go and be resettled elsewhere?

Ceding Jordanian territory to Israel (Naharayim and Tzofar)

Israel is to take what Hashem gave to the 12 tribes, no more and no less than that. As we have said before:

  • Jordan may keep its side of the Arava region, since it is not part of the Land G-d granted to the 12 Tribes. However, Jewish owners are to be compensated
  • Jordan is to cede the Naharayim region to Israel (since it’s part of what belonged to three of the 12 Tribes of Israel – Naftali, Issachar and Gad) 

Monetary Compensations

The Trump Administration’s Plan foresees the following:

  • Jordan getting a Compensation of $45Bn
  • Egypt getting a Compensation of $65Bn

DS goes farther than that and proposes that on top of the US compensation, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and certain Jewish Groups also increase the contribution (that could nearly double the initial US proposal) so that Amman absorbs the Arabs in Samaria and Judea (that do not want to live under Israeli sovereignty), and Cairo absorbs the Arabs in Gaza.

The Confederation to administer Judea and Samaria

If Jordan and Egypt accept the terms and conditions above mentioned, there ceases to be the need for a Confederation since Judea and Samaria are to be annexed by Israel – as it should have done a long time ago (as per the International Law).


The Deal of the Century serves as a good starting point for negotiations; however, in no instance should it be viewed as the final solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict inasmuch as Peace can only come true when all the conditions meet G-d’s Plan – not human plans. Both Jewish and Arab sides know it. We are in the Days of Judgement, so it’s futile to insist upon failure – the cost is too high at this point.

“And I will give unto you, and to your seed after you, the land of your sojournings, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their G-d.'” – Genesis 17:8

When President Trump proposes himself to help Concluding the Lord's Plan for Israel, this won't be the Deal of the Century, but the Deal of the Millennium. 

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  1. This deal scared the Palestinians so much they are now willing to talk. And Trump did it! Will it bring peace? No cause those Arabs in the leadership don't want it just want to kills us all. May Hashem have Mercy on us all!

  2. I agree, this is definitely not the final deal but it's a great jump start! At least there's no mention of a Palestinian State which is right after what the British did to us! This Deal is more like a rectification of a wrong. Henry Kissinger, eat your heart out!!!

  3. Friends, we are one step closer to get the Promised Land. I'm curious to see how the politics will play out and btw mazal tov to Bibi for his victory and we're expecting him to deliver on his promise to extend Israeli sovereignty to Samaria and Judea! No one single Jew is to be uprooted ever again. Amen?

  4. This deal is racist and criminal! Why are the Palestinians being denied a state? And if that is the map of the 12 tribes then the British Mandate gave them more than what God gave them!!! Trump and Netanyahu are going to spark a war in the Middle East!!! This is dangerous.

    1. Hi Celia :D!

      The territory foreseen in the British Mandate for Palestine to be handed over to the Jewish People so they could establish their historical homeland is actually based on what is written in the Torah as well (Numbers 34:3-12). G-d's Promise was made based on two plans: one on Canaan and another of a much broader border as you can see below here

      There's no contradiction as you can see.


  5. The world is finally going to see President Trump contributing to the resurgence and reimplementation of Greater Israel.
    Europe was happy to, and continues to seek to, wanting to reduce Israel to her historical insignificant like that other one said, but the G-d of Israel Doesn't Sleep, He Never Slumbers, and Europe will eventually realise it.

  6. There are already conflicting reports on the terms and conditions, however the main message of this post remains intact: anything that doesn't obey what G-d promised to our forefathers is bound to fail. Anything. The borders must be ex-aequo as G-d intended.
    חג פסח שמח וכשר


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