Happy 2019: Introducing You to the New Dissecting Society!

By Max Coutinho

Happy New Year!

A new cycle begins: we changed our Link (now it's dissectingsociety.blogspot.com – therefore, if you haven’t updated your Bookmarks, please do so), we have a new Logo, and a new Mission Statement. And because it has been implied that we're a tad secretive, it was decided that I could share a bit of what DS is all about and why it is important for us to remain in the Club of Shadows. 

Mission Statement for 2019
  1. To decrease the nefarious influence of the International Socialist
  2. To begin the battle against Globalism (and everything it stands for)
  3. To continue our support for projects of Sovereignty, National Identity and Pride
  4. To step up our investigations on States supporting Terrorism (either directly or indirectly)
  5. To step up our investigations on Individuals supporting Terrorist Efforts (either directly or indirectly)
  6. To continue contributing to a Safer World
  7. To work towards Development for all Humankind, not just for some
  8. To destroy the enemies of G-d
  9. To begin the project of Making the Middle East Great Again, with Israel at its Helm
  10. To work towards changing how the warfare of the future is fought (i.e. influencing legislation and policy)
  11. To begin working towards restoring Order to Mankind
  12. To step up the efforts towards Territorial Justice not only in the Middle East but also elsewhere
  13. To move from Words to Action.

The New Logo – Parsing D & S

We are a Society that analyses every single aspect of this world, of politics, of humans. Our ubiquity allows us to have a perspective of things that many may not have. With that ubiquity also comes great responsibility and respect for Mankind – even though we understand that difficult decisions need to be made to reset this corrupt world. We are DS – a Thinkers’ Society. But how do the letters in our Logo define our small group? 

  • Determination: our firmness in our Purpose is obvious. Nothing stops us but G-d Himself.
  • Discipline: self-control and absolute focus are paramount to the success of our organisation. 
  • Defence: we dedicate ourselves to the defence and security of the Free World but mainly to the defence/security of the Jewish State. 
  • Diligence: we pay attention to details and we do not rest until the Plan is fulfilled.
  • Development: we believe in Human Development. Any undertaking that hampers such development will be obliterated. 
  • Direct Democracy: it’s the only way to end the corruption of participative democracy. 
  • Dissecting: we examine in minute detail everything pertaining to Human existence. We see purpose in everything and we do not believe in coincidences. 

  • Sophisticated: our ways are refined. Our thought process is complex and yet simple. Because we were ingathered from the four corners of the earth we have a broad cultural background and thus we do not have a limited perspective of affairs.
  • Straightforward: we do not beat around the bush. Our intentions are clear: you follow G-d’s Plan, we’re with you; you don’t, we’re not. 
  • Supernatural: we believe in G-d. We believe in Signs, in Symbols, and we work with them. “By any means necessary”.
  • Semitic: we are a Pro-Israel Jewish Organisation. We fight the Erev Rav – the Jewish State’s Fifth Column. We believe our Arab neighbours should work with Israel to bring the glory of the Middle East back.
  • Shadows: We are everywhere and we are nowhere. "Spies are a most important element in war, because on them depends an army's ability to move." (Sun Tzu)
  • Service: we feel honoured to dedicate our lives to serve and implement His Plan. This is our Cause. 
  • Society: we strive to re-establish conservative values in our societies (G-d, Family and Country) and we fight to decrease the size of Government (i.e. less taxes and less corrosive corruption). 

It’s not easy to enter and belong to DS. We do not seek Power, we do not seek Notoriety, and we do not care about what others think or feel about us. We get the job done, regardless of the methods we choose to use. We deliver for the sake of Mankind. And this is basically what our Organisation is all about. 

In 2019, we intend to keep bringing you enticing articles and to keep challenging your mind. This year, we will also begin Fighting the Good Fight, so stay tuned. 

DS wishes you a Safe and Prolific New Year!

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society. © 2007-2019 Author(s) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED]


  1. Happy new year! I am looking forward to reading what you guys are bringing this year. You have a great team. All the best!

  2. I bet now some people preferred you didn't introduce DS hahahahaha. Happy new year, guys, and keep doing a great job. #IStandWithIsrael

  3. Liked the parsing of D and S: more mission statement like than the mission statement itself, though I thoroughly liked to read you guys are fighting to put a stop to Socialism! Well done and carry on the good work. Happy 2019.

  4. Happy new year to you and the new look blog Max.

  5. Happy new year, Max! I like the spirit of your group, very nice.

  6. 2018 was a great year for us all, so may 2019 be even better for the sake of a better world. Happy New Year to all our readers and Team!

  7. Happy new year, DS! May you guys keep bringing sharp articles!!


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