Summer 2019: Political Summary & See You in August

By Dissecting Society
Dear Readers,

Summer is here and the time has come for us to finally have a break. Dissecting Society will pause for a month, meaning we will be back in August with more enticing discussions. But before we go, let’s make a brief political summary of the past 6 months:

Sudan: Leader of the Janjaweed Now Revered by a Democrat Congressman

The Left Wing's 7 Capital Sins

The 8 Political Visions: a Message to the Nations

Scott Morgan at the Canadian Parliament: The Crisis in Cameroon is Linked to Nigeria's

Crisis in the Gulf of Oman: A Potential Entrapment for President Trump

External Threats: the Purpose of Weakening & Destroying Portugal

Erdogan Attacks Kurdistan to Distract World From His Failures

The International Socialist and The 6-Step Plan to Destroy Portugal

ISWAP: Is the Caliphate 2.0 Under Way in Africa?

Apartheid and Racism in Angola: An Assault to Human Dignity

Dominican Republic Ditches Taiwan for China: At What Cost?

Recognising the Lost Jewish Tribes in Africa is a National Security Imperative

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