Dissecting Society Refreshed: Happy 2019!

By Max Coutinho
Happy New Year!
A new cycle begins: we changed our Link (now it's – therefore, if you haven’t updated your Bookmarks, please do so), we changed our RSS Feed (now it's, we have a new Logo, and a new Mission Statement. And because it has been implied that we're a tad secretive, it was decided that I could share a bit of what DS is all about and why it is important for us to remain in the Club of Shadows.

Training for Jedi Knights - Introduction

Can the People Still Trust the Government?

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Analysis: The Plague of Locusts in Mecca and the Catholic Anti-Jew Plot

Assessing the Attempted Coup in Gabon

Iran Wove a Complex Criminal Web & the World is Its Accessory

ISWAP and Boko Haram Vying for Nigeria: What Needs to Be Done?

Turkey's Brilliant Moves in Syria

US Withdrawal From Syria: Not Quite What It Seems

What's the True Game Played by Erik Prince?

Britannia: Slave of the European Union? Never!

The Bolton Speech: The Next US Foreign Policy for Africa

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