The US Middle East Policy 360º Shift: It's Only the Beginning

By Max Coutinho

The Trump Administration recognised the Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights. The Arab League is pretending to be shocked and against the move. ISIS seems to have lost its Caliphate yet the threat persists. Welcome to the new Dawn of the Middle East!

US Foreign Policy 360º Shift

The Trump Administration understands the value of the Element of Surprise.

State Secretary Mike Pompeo was in Jerusalem with Prime Minister Netanyahu getting ready to address the press. They were late and reporters were wondering why. Suddenly, these also get an incredible update: the US was recognising the Israeli Sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Talking about a major Policy shift. When Secretary Pompeo and PM Netanyahu showed up it seemed like they too were surprised by the move.

History is being done: the US is finally correcting the mistake done by the UK when it violated the International Law by removing land from the Jews (granted by the Declaration of the San Remo Conference) to hand it over to the Hashemite Tribe; and done by the International Community when it illegally voted for the Partition of a Land that, according to the International Law, should have never been partitioned at all. But forget the Law of Men, the Divine Law is stepping in as we speak.

The Official Analysis

The whole move is done because of Iran. It’s one of the reasons, yes: the Golan Heights serve as a buffer zone between Syria and Israel. Iran already set up shop in Syria – this is not a secret – therefore, the only logical step to give is to remove their legitimacy by legitimising the de facto Israeli sovereignty over the Golan.

Many say that by doing this, the US opened a precedent and made it difficult to rebuke Russia’s occupation of Crimea - but the world has no morals to rebuke Moscow, as it has been shown in Ukraine & the International Law: Pacta Non Sunt Servanda. Many others also fear that the American recognition will encourage the Israeli to annex Samaria and Judea: my dear readers, Samaria and Judea would be annexed anyway because that is the prophecy.

If you follow our work here at DS for long enough, you will recall that we have been predicting these moves for years – based on the Tanakh and on the Book of Revelations. 

This is prophecy coming true.

The Arab League’s Apparent Shock

The Arab League is acting as if it’s shocked: President Trump’s announcement is “completely beyond international law and the Arab League stands fully behind the Syrian right to its occupied land” said the body’s Secretary General Ahmed Aboul Gheit. The Arab League is not shocked, in fact they were expecting it – they are not daft and they see what is happening, so after 52 years under Israeli control it’s only natural that the reality on the ground is made official.

The international consensus that Israel is violating the international law means, in fact, that the whole international community is the one violating the International Law. - Source

Yet, the Arab League is still resisting to come out clean in public. They are not ready yet to admit their support for Israel in the open, as it will take time to revert the education of hatred and sheer racism (against Jews) they gave to their people since 1947. We understand and we are willing to give them a bit more of time to get on track.

Next step for the Arab League: to remove their support from the “Palestinian Cause” – it has brought them nothing but diversion of millions of dollars from their coffers without any tangible benefits to their people. If anything, this purported cause only emboldened their enemies.

The European Union and Associates

Europe should panic now:

A leader that rejects the Biblical boundaries of Israel will surely suffer from evil justice. This is not a threat. It is simply a natural outcome of rejecting the Bible. – Rabbi Hillel Weiss

If all these things are happening now, this means the Anointed One is already here. And if he is already here, then the Third Secret of Fatima will happen soon as well: the EU, and Italy in particular, should worry about ISIS’ foreign fighters returning from the defunct Caliphate - which takes us to the next subject.

ISIS’ Lost Caliphate: What Now?

Many NGOs, including the Red Cross, are trying to bring the ISIS brides, wives and their children back to the West. Let’s pause for a minute and think: do we all remember the ISIS videos of children as young as two (called the ISIS Cubs) shooting adults in the head? Do we all remember the ISIS female Units training to kill and to blow themselves up with suicide vests? Do we all remember the ISIS wives encouraging the abduction and rape of Yazidi women and others because, in their own words, “according to Islam it’s not rape”?

So, what is wrong with the Red Cross and other organisations as such? Should they be investigated for imperilling the Security of the Western World? With what right do they want to subject our soldiers and law enforcement officers to situations where they have to shoot down women and children? The Red Cross and others shouldn’t be irresponsible, but if they insist on their threats, then they must pay for the consequences of their actions.

The Caliphate is dead but you still have more than 4,000 adult Jihadists in Europe alone – G-d only knows how many more are spread around the world. And you must remember that you have circa 10,000 potential Jihadist children in Europe too (those who disappeared in the waves of mass migration in 2017). Having said this, the threat is not over; and if Hamza Bin Laden finds a safe haven to address these thousands of Jihadists and activate sleeper cells then you have a bigger problem.

ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and any other Jihadist organisation (including Hezbollah) are all about bringing the war to Rome to bring about the coming of the Mahdi. The Third Secret of Fatima describes that moment – remember that it was transmitted in 1917, 102 years ago.

The borders of Israel are written in the Bible as is the requirement of all nations to establish courts of justice – Rabbi Hillel Weiss

Draw your own conclusions…

(Image: Mount Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon - Antal Ligeti)

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  1. A lot of information condensed in one post, that's a gift. Donald Trump surprised me as a President, I never gave him too much credit and now he is surprising me in a very positive way! I never thought he would have the guts to enact the Jerusalem Embassy Act, never though he'd recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish State, I never believed he' close down the offices of the PLO in Washington and cut their funding! I mean, who cares about his tweets and his mouth when he puts his money where his mouth is? He ain't no politician and that works fine for me!

  2. Next it's Samaria and Judea but for that we don't need US recognition but if we do have it, it won't harm us.

  3. Trump rocks!! He rocks and he is one politician who says what he means and means what he says, unlike Obama! Hey, remember Obama, Max?
    America will be increasingly blessed if she doesn't allow Omar and her ilk to take over the country!
    I see the hand of Hashem in this! Am Yisrael Chai!!

  4. This was waiting to happen. I am delighted for Israel.

  5. I could see the amazement in PM Netanyahu's face - he couldn't believe it. I confess I too was moved by President Trump's move cause I saw the hand of Hashem in it. May G-d Bless the President and may G-d Bless the United States of America.

  6. Bibi's face was like Moshe rabeinu's face when he came down from the Sinai with the second set of Tablets! lol
    Mazels to Israel and to Am Yisrael!!! Great week!

    1. LOL LOL "like Moshe rabeinu's face" LOL that was a good one!
      Shabbat Shalom


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