How State Revenue Collection Evolved to Coercion and Extortion

By Max Coutinho

Last Friday, Dissecting Society™ published Lenny Hannah’s article on how money laundering laws not only have been ineffective in the fight against Terror, Drug and Human Trafficking and against illegal Weapons Trade; but they have also had a negative impact on the Middle Class (since they served as an excuse to rip off citizens through all kinds of amoral fiscal schemes). Therefore, she proposes that Governments nix the law all together in the name of progress.

I subscribe to everything Lenny wrote in her article but there were a couple of things left unsaid:

Terrorists as Bank Owners

DS is already investigating this angle: we had already mentioned Here that Hezbollah elements owned a Bank in Portugal. There is also the suspicion that they are also stockholders of major Banks not only in Portugal but also throughout Europe and beyond. For instance, it is public information that an Iranian citizen, Sayed Ali Sadr Hasheminayad, was the owner of the now defunct Pilatus Bank in Malta – then a legit financial institution set up to circumvent the Sanctions imposed against Iran and that conducted multiple operations of money laundering for criminal entities (including the former Angolan First Family). How many Hasheminayads do we have out there?

Hezbollah Financiers travel back and forth (from Angola to Brazil and back) with millions in cash in absolute impunity – one of them is even an Imam in São Paulo (Read Here and Here for more information). 

These same people are behind African Banks Owners in Angola. And because people in high places (Europeans included) are benefitting in some way or another from their activities, the authorities of the free world are forced to turn a blind eye to what is really going on.

Banks and Governments in Collusion to Rip off Citizens

Meanwhile, legislators create laws that only hurt the small people, the common individual. How, you may ask? It’s simple:

  • If you wish to prepare your future, because you can’t rely on the pensions provided by Governments (since they are smaller and smaller by the year), you cannot save money or stash money somewhere safe without being penalised twice: you’re either highly taxed for saving money and earning a yield or accused of tax evasion – even though you do pay a small tax in offshore accounts. 
  • If you wish to remain in anonymity, if you want to protect your privacy (a birth given right), by not having a Bank Account and getting your wages in cash; you cannot. Your name has to be in the system: you are forced to have a Bank Account and be paid through it otherwise you are accused of tax evasion and of doing money laundering. 

You want to save money for either your future or for rainy days and several things happen:

  • You are taxed on the interest (and mind you the Bank also retains personal income taxes from your yield immediately and then the government will do the same later on)
  • You are forced to pay all sorts of fees (debit card fee, account management fee, money transfer fee, money withdrawal fee, check issuing fee, ATM fee etc)
  • You are forced to receive your wages in a Bank Account: if you leave it all there, the Bank will use it in the overnight market, make a huge amount of money with it and you won’t get a cent from it. 
  • If you worked hard and saved between €500K and €1 Million, or above those figures, and the Bank goes Bankrupt (even if the money doesn’t totally disappear) and closes up shop you will only get €100K – if you get it at all. 
  • If you wish to prevent the situation in the previous line and keep your money at home or somewhere else, the State will accuse you of tax evasion and money laundering…

It’s a vicious cycle and the only ones who stand to lose are the ones at the bottom and at the middle tier. The Bank Owners and the Legislators never lose because the money is taken away from the people and quickly hidden somewhere else for their benefit. This immoral behaviour has got to stop.

The politicians who stand against Lenny’s Proposal to nix Money Laundering Laws are automatically put under suspicion because they don’t put the interests of the people above their own. 

Enough of multi-Taxing the hard working people (of all social classes)! Enough of these policies of envy: the State is only to charge a tax on the fruit of people’s labour (i.e. Personal Income Tax) and that’s it – we will shortly introduce a fiscal proposal.

Savings shouldn’t be taxed because they are a financial umbrella for when things go wrong – can anyone sincerely tell me that unemployment benefits are enough to sustain the standards of living of the Middle Class (whose life is on credit nowadays)? Investments, a fancy name for Savings, should not be taxed either for the same very reason: they are a financial umbrella for when life goes terribly wrong – not everybody wants to beg the State for money.

Who does the Government think it is to force people to live in sub-par conditions? 

Since when it is cool to openly sponsor a Capital Sin (Envy)?


In the past, Banks used to respect their clients and pay us well to keep our money in their institutions (i.e. they paid high interests for savings accounts and investments) and we would willingly place our funds with them. Nowadays, we are forced by the State to have a Bank Account, we are treated with contempt by the Banks and on top of everything we have to pay them to have our money there (i.e. low interest for savings and investments, no Capital guaranteed + all sorts of charges).

In simpler words: we are being coerced by the Government and we have to pay Bank Owners for accepting that coercion.

Socialism must definitely perish inasmuch as it has ruined people’s lives. Look at Venezuela, at North Korea, at Cuba, at African States (for crying out loud) and at European States with a Socialist Character embedded in their Constitution: all losers, fraudsters (e.g. Portugal is doing very well on paper, however it couldn’t afford to pay Pensions to all Retired People last Friday – the due date for pensioners who discounted for the Social Welfare System – it pays lousy wages to Cops, Intelligence Officers, Firefighters, Soldiers [many earn less then minimum wage], nurses and the Lord only Knows who else while Members of Parliament earn above €5,000 + benefits). They are all corrupt gangbangers.

We, the people, work for our families’ welfare and future; not to fill the pockets of political extortionists and their associates.

(Image: A View of Tantallon Castle with the Bass Rock - Alexandre Nasmyth)

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  1. The grand finale sums it all well: we the people work for our families' future and well-being, we don't work to fill the pockets of the damned political thieves and their buddies! I applaud this!

  2. if States are to charge a tax on personal income only, how else are they to survive? This would mean they couldn't either build roads and bridges or they'd have to fire people!

  3. If everybody took all their money out of the bank for a week that would bring the system to its knees.

  4. Forcing people to have bank accounts goes against the principle of freedom and it's so damned socialist of them to do that! Down with USSR-style politics!

  5. I agree: savings, investments, dividends shouldn't be taxed as the financial cushions they are. Plus, investments and dividends have the advantage of generating demands if one decides to use the money to invest on real estate or even buying collections goods, for example. Preparing a suitable fiscal plan is vital to show that it's possible to decrease the fiscal load on citizens and that the advantages are huge. Good job, Max.


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